Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Graffiti Found at St. Edwards Dormitory

Vandals earlier this month left graffiti at St. Edward’s University that included antisemitic messages on the doors of multiple individual student dorm rooms, University officials said. 

Gwendolyn Schuler, a university spokeswoman, said officials were notified the morning of February 3rd of the graffiti on the doors of multiple residents at on-campus dormitory Basil Moreau Hall. 

University officials have not specified what messages or images were in the graffiti, other than that they were offensive, antisemitic and xenophobic.

Schuler said the graffiti was cleaned up after staff members took photos of it for the University’s police department. She said authorities do not have any security footage of the vandalism because it did not occur in the common area of the dormitory.

“There are no cameras in the private spaces where students reside,” she said.

Schuler on Friday said authorities are still investigating the act, and said no one has reported any similar incidents on campus since. 

The University’s resident assistants and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion reached out to students through emails, Schuler said. University officials also added more police and resident assistants to the dorm in the days immediately following the vandalism.

Alysia Duemler, a senior at the university who is studying psychology and Spanish, said she was alarmed to hear about the vandalism. Duemler, who said she is Jewish, told the American-Statesman that the act was especially hurtful because it occurred only a week after Jan. 27, which is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“I would hope that people would learn the lessons of the Holocaust, but apparently some people are not learning the lessons,” Duemler said.

Duemler said she was upset to learn that the graffiti was on individual’s dorm room doors was also alarming. 

She said she appreciates the school’s response but added that there is room for improvement for educating the community on the importance of tolerance, diversity and inclusion. 

“I feel like St. Edwards University prides itself on being social justice-oriented and I feel like overall, that’s really true. We learn a lot about oppressed groups of people, and what we can do to stop oppression, so I was shocked that this vandalism occurred,” she said.