Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Student Brutally Assaulted at California High School

Students at El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills staged a walkout Tuesday in response to what they say is a rise in antisemitic incidents, including an alleged attack on a 15-year-old Jewish student.

The walkout was held in between classes and brought out dozens of students, many of whom held signs that read “Stop The Hate.”

The incident happened just over a week ago, according to Danielle Eshed. She said a classmate verbally yelled antisemitic slurs at her then physically assaulted her in class. The teen spoke with Eyewitness News during the walkout and shared more.

“I was really shocked because he said he would beat me up, but I didn’t think that he was telling the truth until he got up and started to punch me,” she said. “I was just sitting there in silence because I was shocked at what was happening because that never really happened to me. I was like in shock at what was going on. I couldn’t process.”

Eshed’s parents say they’ve been met with dismissive responses and inadequate action. Her father, Dan Eshed, joined the walkout Tuesday, pushing school officials to take action.

“I want from the school to protect my daughter, to keep her safe, and to give her a good education,” he said.

David Hussey, the school’s executive director, told ABC7 disciplinary action has been taken against the student behind the alleged attack though Hussey did not release further details.

He also said the concerns of the students and parents are being addressed.

“One is addressing the issues. Maybe some students don’t know what they’re saying and what the impacts are, so it’s educating those students and then reassuring the other students that they are safe at this school,” said Hussey.

The incident remains under investigation.