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NY State Senator Under Fire for Making Fun of a Jewish Man’s ‘Stereotypical Looks’

New York State Senator Julia Salazar (D) was accused of making fun of a man for having a “stereotypically Jewish look,” the New York Post reported on Friday.

David Kelsey, a Jewish man who is accusing Salazar of antisemitism, made a comment pointing to Salazar’s focus on her tattoos over her voting record.

In response to the jab, Salazar reportedly tweeted an enlarged photo of Kelsey’s head with the caption “submitted without comment.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Kelsey responded by saying, “what can I say, Senator Salazar? My grandparents are actually Jewish. And this is how I look.” 

Kelsey’s Twitter handle, @TheKvetcher, is identifiably Jewish as ‘Kvetch’ is a Yiddish term meaning ‘to press’ or ‘to squeeze’, which has come to also mean ‘to complain.’

Kelsey told the New York Post, “I look stereotypically Jewish and she was just mocking that. Why blow my face up like that unless you’re making fun of my looks? Who cares what I look like?” he added.

Since making the tweet, Salazar has made numerous tweets allying herself with the Jewish community.  n 2018,  Salazar said she identified as Jewish in part because of her father’s Jewish roots; her brother said their father was not Jewish.

Since the post was deleted, Salazar accused Kelsey of being “obsessed with her”, the Post reported.

Source: https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/article-732707