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English Physician Suspended from Practice Over Antisemitic Tweets

Dr. Asif Munaf, a former contestant on the UK’s The Apprentice show, was suspended from his medical register last week by the General Medical Council (GMC) after posting on X a series of anti-Israel posts slamming Zionism.

Among some of the many posts made were statements such as “odious ogre-like” Zionists and “the Zionist antichrist.”

Munaf’s suspension will span over the course of 15 months and is pending a full investigation, according to The Telegraph reports.

Following the Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7, Munaf accused Israel of “weaponizing the Holocaust” and proceeded to write on X, “One of my sons will liberate Palestine.”

The UK program made the decision to edit out Munaf from The Apprentice spin-off series, You’re Fired, following the series of his remarks on social media.

However, prior to the decision, producers attempted to give Munaf  “specialized training” in an attempt to make him understand why his posts may be offensive.

“As soon as we were alerted, we took immediate action and spoke to Asif in detail on this,” The Apprentice spokesperson said.

“Asif took part in specialized training to understand why his posts may cause offense. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment on and off the screen.”

Since his removal from the show, Munaf has doubled down on his antizionist statements on X. One of his most recent posts from Saturday requested all to “not stop talking about the Zionist genocide.” 

In addition to his participation on The Apprentice, Munaf sells both vitamins and supplements on his website and still provides the option to book appointments with him, making the claim that he is “not your typical doctor.”