Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Sacramento Area Neighborhood Vandalized with Horrific Antisemitic Graffiti

Folsom police are searching for whomever is responsible for vandalizing a neighborhood atrocious antisemitic graffiti. “This is something that we absolutely take seriously. It is being investigated as a hate crime,” said Officer Andrew Graham. 

Whoever is responsible painted garage doors, cars, various parts of houses and driveways with brightly colored, offensive graffiti, including swastikas, derogatory words and expletives. 

“Everyone in the city of Folsom is disgusted, appalled and heartbroken that there’s anybody that lives in the area that would think after under any circumstances … anti-semitism will be accepted by anyone,” said Mayor Kerri Howell. 

Many residents told FOX40 they found the graffiti disturbing and hoped that none of them were specifically targeted. 

“When it gets normalized, any kind of hateful rhetoric, racist rhetoric gets normalized, that’s a huge issue. Plus, for kids to think it’s OK, and then another kid comes along and says, ‘Well if that’s OK to say, then it’s OK for me to shoot them,’” said a Carmody Circle resident. “So that’s really beyond just being paint on a garage door.”

Investigators said video from surveillance cameras showed what appear to be juveniles in a silver-colored van. They are suspected of being responsible for all the graffiti. 

“You should be ashamed and embarrassed, and I hope that when Folsom PD catches you — and they will — that you are punished by the full extent of the law,” Howell said.