Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Second Antisemitic Flyer Discovered at the University of Vermont

For the second time in a month, a flyer containing antisemitic hate speech was found on the University of Vermont campus in Burlington.

In a letter to the UVM community, UVM Hillel Executive Director Matt Vogel said a hateful flyer targeting Jewish people was found in a bathroom at the school. The flyer falsely indicated the Jews were responsible for 9/11.

Vogel said the flyer contained offensive imagery and defamatory statements about Jewish people and also encouraged others to harm Jewish people physically. This is the fourth flier found on the campus since July.

NGO StopAntisemitism has identified the antisemitic flyers and attributed them to Jon Minadeo II, the white supremacist leader of the Goyim Defense League (GDL). Minadeo and his followers travel the country terrorizing Jewish communities.

In September, more than 20 Jewish organizations nationwide spoke out following a U.S. Department of Education investigation into allegations of “severe” and “persistent” harassment of students identifying as Jewish at UVM.

At the time, the University of Vermont President Suresh V. Garimella released a statement that said, in part, “We denounce hateful actions and respond briskly and decisively whenever those responsible are identified. UVM is home to a strong and vibrant Jewish community … As a community, we adhere to our common ground values of respect.”

Source: https://www.mynbc5.com/article/anti-semitic-flier-found-at-uvm-for-second-time-in-month-school-officials-say/42995684#