Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Texas Law Enforcement Investigates Nazi Symbol Vandalization

Someone drew swastikas on several stop signs in Nederland and wrote the N-word on streets overnight Sunday, and the police chief is reacting harshly to the actions, calling them “sick and upsetting.”

A viewer sent the information and photos of the images to KFDM’s Angel San Juan.

Nederland Police Chief Gary Porter tells KFDM the swastikas were drawn on about five stop signs, and the N-word was written on the ground on several streets.

“This is just sick, stupid, and upsetting,” Chief Porter told KFDM. “It’s sad this happens in the world we live in.

“Chief Porter said anyone caught or identified as having drawn or written the graffiti could have to pay a fine and pay for the cleanup or replacement of the signs.