Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Indiana Jewish Family Found Nazi Emblem Drawn in Snow at their Home

 Police in Carmel have opened an investigation after a Jewish family found a swastika and the Star of David drawn in the snow outside their home.

A spokesperson for the department confirmed they’re investigating the incident but didn’t provide any additional details.

In a statement posted online, the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council (IJCRC) said it was “appalled” by the graffiti.

“This hate has no place in Indiana,” the organization said. “With the shocking rise in antisemitism in the past four and a half months, we urge you to continue to be vigilant.”

Carmel Mayor Sue Finkam called it an “isolated” incident and condemned the “despicable act.”

“This hateful display has no place in our city and will not be tolerated,” Finkam wrote in statement. “Carmel is a welcoming community and together we stand in solidarity against all forms of bigotry and hate.”

In an interview with FOX59 and CBS4 on Sunday, IJCRC Executive Director Jacob Markey said there has been a 360% increase in antisemitic incidents since some of the first attacks in the Israel-Hamas War were carried out on Oct. 7, 2023.

“We’ve seen since the Oct. 7 attack in Israel, we’ve seen a 360% increase of antisemitic incidents years over year,” Markey said. “We are already concerned. We are already worried. This shows again this rising hate and has come to central Indiana and is affecting Hoosiers, Hoosiers right here.

The IJCRC encouraged people to report any acts of antisemitism here.