Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Atlanta Middle School Students Punished for Nazi Salute, Swastika Sweatshirt

Students at a metro Atlanta middle school face disciplinary action after wearing an offensive symbol in school and performing Nazi salutes.

Brad Epstein is appalled by the photographs that his daughter found on social media, which shows one of her fellow students an East Cobb Middle School posing for pictures while wearing a swastika on their sleeve.

“She saw this on her Snapchat and before they disappeared, she was able to screen shot the photos,” Epstein said. “So, I think it really started a couple of weeks ago. In their class they were reading a book and their backdrop was on the Holocaust. Several students felt that it was funny to make a few jokes about the Holocaust which she addressed it and she also let the teacher know and the teacher addressed the entire class saying this will not be tolerated. Fast forward a week or two and we get images like this.”

The antisemitic images were shared with members of the Chabad of Cobb synagogue near the school causing Rabbi Silverman to speak out. “The images of course at first when you see them there is a shock value and it definitely is extremely disappointing and hurtful,” Silverman said.

The Rabbi said he has facilitated Jewish clubs in area schools for 20-years and said 99% of the students are respectful of others. “Our response in general to darkness is more light. We need to look at an event like this and say okay how do we turn this into something positive. Into something where something good comes from this,” Silverman said.

The Cobb County School District responded to the incident saying, “Several students, after school, made a very poor decision to display hateful and Antisemitic imagery while recording themselves on social media. The students will be disciplined according to district policies, and we encourage parents to talk to their students about using social media responsibly.”

“I’m really looking for leadership from the school board. Unfortunately, I have not seen that,” Silverman said.

Silverman said he contacted the Principal of the school and all school board members about the incident and only heard back from one board member.