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California Community Hit with Antisemitic ‘Goyim Defense Flyers’

The Chico Police Department is investigating the distribution of antisemitic flyers to homes in the Avenues neighborhoods Monday.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday, officers from the Chico Police Department responded to Arcadian Avenue after receiving a report that several antisemitic flyers were distributed to multiple homes in the area.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers located and collected several flyers from the neighborhood.

NGO StopAntisemitism identified the group as the Goyim Defense League (GDL). The GDL’s leader, Jon Minadeo II, is a white supremacist who is known for littering communities with antisemitic materials and flyers. Law enforcement in various cities has been made aware of Minadeo and has issued him and his members several citations. Minadeo was previously listed as StopAntisemitism’s ‘Antisemite of the Week.’

Jon Minadeo II traveled to Auschwitz Concentration Camp memorial and held up various signs containing antisemitic hatred.

Thankfully, due to Poland’s strong hate laws, he was quickly arrested. pic.twitter.com/oOWGOxv5Dk— StopAntisemitism (@StopAntisemites) November 12, 2022

Chico Police Department tells Action News Now that more flyers were located Tuesday morning at multiple homes on W. 3rd, W. 5th, and W. 6th Avenues. The flyers are believed to have been distributed during the evening hours on Monday.

Authorities say that they do not have a person of interest at this time, and they will increase patrols in the impacted areas.

Source: https://www.actionnewsnow.com/news/crime/police-investigating-antisemitic-flyers-distributed-to-multiple-chico-homes-monday/article_5b9365dc-acb0-11ed-a5f8-1b5d116622c3.html