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Orthodox Woman Assaulted by Masked Man in Crown Heights

An orthodox Jewish woman walking on Sterling Street in Crown Heights was assaulted Tuesday afternoon over a ‘perceived look.’ The infuriating incident occurred on Sterling Street between New York Ave and Brooklyn Ave just before 3:30 pm, as both the assailant and the victim were walking towards Brooklyn.

Video footage of the attack was provided by Crown Heights Shomrim, showing the woman crossing the street, cutting slightly behind a masked man deeply engrossed in his phone.

Suddenly, the man turns around and, according to the victim, demands, “don’t look at me.” The victim, who is unable to speak English, briefly attempted to communicate before the man kicked her. The woman can then be seen continuing on her way and reporting the incident to Shomrim later on.


The police were called and a canvas of the areas cameras gave a description of the attacker. The police are following up on the incident.

Source: https://crownheights.info/crime/809157/lubavitch-woman-kicked-in-crown-heights-attack-told-dont-look-at-me-before-assault/