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Universal Studios Bans Guests Making Nazi Gesture In Ride Photos

Universal Studios Hollywood offers souvenir ride photos on many of its attractions to remember your epic vacation, especially in beloved areas like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jurassic World. While some Guests try to pose creatively for funny ride photos, others ruin the experience by using inappropriate gestures or flashing the camera.

When Guests do something inappropriate in ride photos, Universal Studios Hollywood and other Theme Parks typically delete the image to prevent anyone from seeing it. But TikToker Danielle Silverstone (@daniellesilverstone) recently revealed that Universal Studios Hollywood takes it one step further and repeatedly bans Guests who intentionally make antisemitic gestures on camera:

Silverstone said that a friend who works as a Universal Studios Ride operator witnessed many Guests “heil,” a Nazi salute when the camera goes off.

“Those pictures are unusable, obviously,” Silverstone said. “It ruins it for everybody. But Universal actually holds those pictures, identifies them, kicks them out of the Park, and bans them.”

Silverstone praised Universal Studios Hollywood for banning antisemitic visitors.

“At least they take action when people f**king salute because it’s not the time or place,” she said. Commenters overwhelmingly agreed.

Source: https://insidethemagic.net/2023/02/universal-studios-hollywood-antisemitic-photo-ban-jc1/