Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Colorado Suburb Experiences Anti-Jewish Hate Speech During Community Meeting

Lakewood condemns organized effort to spread antisemitic hate during City Council meeting

The City of Lakewood and Lakewood City Council unequivocally condemn the hate speech that became part of a public comment period during the Feb. 12 City Council meeting. Lakewood stands against this antisemitism and any expression of this revolting ideology.

Lakewood would like to reassure the Jewish community that antisemitism and all types of hate speech have no place in our city. Lakewood values clearly state a commitment to promoting an inclusive environment for citizens and to ensure a safe community for all.

“I was horrified to hear the awful and disgusting comments provided during one of our public comment periods. I worked as best I could to curtail this organized effort to disrupt our meeting,” said Lakewood Mayor Wendi Strom. “I will continue to do everything I can to make everyone feel safe in our community and during our meetings while also balancing residents’ ability to provide public comment.”

While the First Amendment protects hate speech, Lakewood City Council took steps to curtail this speech under its ability to limit public comment by time. When this effort failed, the meeting was recessed. The city’s online format for written public comment at LakewoodSpeaks.org remained open.

The city will examine additional steps it might be able to take to ensure this kind of organized effort does not disrupt City Council from addressing the issues important to residents, businesses and community members.