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Texas Lawmaker’s Home Sullied with Anti-Jewish Graffiti

A Dallas city councilwoman is concerned after discovering hateful, anti-Jewish symbols and language scrawled across her fence in red ink on Saturday.

Cara Mendelsohn, elected to represent District 12 in Far North Dallas on the Dallas City Council in May 2019, posted on X Sunday morning. She quoted a Super Bowl ad about the vandalism of Jewish homes with antisemitic graffiti.

“Super Bowl ad showing hateful graffiti at a Jewish home – Do you wonder if this really happens?” Councilwoman Mendelsohn said at the beginning of her tweet.

“I’m a Jewish elected official in Dallas, and yesterday, my home was defaced with hateful language and red triangles representing Palestine.”

Mendelsohn shared multiple images of the graffiti with the repeated phrase ‘Baby Killer’ drawn all over her wooden fence. There was also a pile of rocks and bricks with red ink smeared all over them, symbolizing “fake dead babies,” the councilwoman said.

“It’s unimaginable to me how our country has changed in the last 40 years. Folks, you’re going to need to stop sitting on the sidelines thinking everything will be ok. Things are not ok.”

In January, a group of pro-Palestinian protestors marched and rallied outside of the councilwoman’s home.

Mendelsohn thanked Dallas Police and the FBI for investigating in her social media post.

NBC 5 reached out to the Dallas Police Department for more information regarding the incident and has not heard back yet.