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Just Days After Synagogue Vandalism, Nazi Flyers Shop Up in Spokane

For the second time in 72 hours, Nazi symbols have made an appearance in the Spokane community.

On Monday, someone spray-painted swastikas on south Spokane’s Temple Beth Shalom church. On Wednesday, KHQ’s security cameras caught a man dropping off racist pamphlets that advocated for white supremacy at the station.


The man appeared to be filming himself dropping off the pamphlets, with a cell phone. He appeared to be wearing all black and had on a mask, making it difficult to identify him. The pamphlets advertised a racist website that is no longer active, due to a violation of the web host’s terms of service.

Spokane Police said they are looking into a possible connection to the Temple Beth Shalom vandalism.

Regarding the investigation into who spray-painted the Jewish Synagogue, police would only say they are still actively looking into it and hope to have more information Wednesday afternoon.