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NFL’s Jonathan Allen Calls Hitler a ‘Military Genius’

In a since-deleted tweet, Seattle Commanders defensive tackle Jonathan Allen complimented Adolf Hitler when answering fan questions via Twitter on Wednesday. 

A fan asked Allen to name three people, dead or alive, who he’d have dinner with. Allen’s response included a beloved family member, Michael Jackson and the man responsible for the Holocaust. 

“My grandad, hitler and micheal [sic] Jackson,” Allen said in the tweet. 

The fan was confused as to why Allen picked Hitler. Allen’s answer was even more shocking when he began to praise Hitler. 

“He’s a military genius and I love military tactics but honestly I would want to pick his brain as to why he did what he did,” Allen replied in the Twitter thread. ”I’m also assuming that the people I’ve chosen have to answer all my questions honestly.”

Allen eventually deleted the tweet and then responded to another fan, who said they were Jewish.