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Hateful NYC Man Taken into Custody After Tearing Images of Captive Israelis Down

A man was arrested after refusing to stop destroying posters of kidnapped Israeli hostages, and assaulting police officers, after he was forced to stop. The angry and disturbed man was sent away, at which point he spit in the direction of the officers, who promptly arrested him.

The incident was captured on video by October 7 massacre survivors and heroes Daniel and Neria Sharabi, who are visiting the U.S. trying to raise awareness about the Hamas attack.

Their best friend is still being held hostage.

The Sharabi brothers heroically saved dozens of lives during the massacre by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7 by providing fire cover for escapees with weapons they found in a tank, while receiving instructions over the phone from an IDF officer.

According to a Channel 12 news report, Daniel and Neria Sharabi fended off terrorists with firearms from the tank near the site of the massacre, also treating the wounded who were hiding with them.

The arrested man has been identified as Instagram user ‘reliable accountant’. He has been identified as Sam Robinson, and appears to be VP Of Product Development for the Araca Group

The Araca Group is one of New York’s leading entertainment merchandising and production companies.