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Packages of Pork Left at Two Synagogues in Switzerland

Pork products were used in recent antisemitic attacks against synagogues in two Swiss cities just days apart, drawing condemnations from Jewish groups.

On Feb. 6, a package of bacon along with a stuffed pig were left outside the synagogue in Lausanne reported the Swiss outlet Le Temps on Friday.

Four days later, in a separate incident apparently committed by another offender, a woman threw slices of pork at the Liberal Jewish Community synagogue in Geneva.

“Acts of this nature are an insult to any Jew and take on a highly symbolic dimension when they are committed in a synagogue. These are serious facts which must challenge our authorities and our fellow citizens more broadly,” wrote the Inter-community Coordination Against Antisemitism and Defamation (CICAD) on Twitter Friday.

“This incident is far from trivial because it is reminiscent of the Judensau (literally in German: “Sow of the Jews”) term used to designate metaphorical animal motifs that appeared in the Middle Ages in anti-Jewish Christian art and in anti-Semitic cartoons almost exclusively in Germanic-speaking countries,” said the group in a statement, which added that criminal complaints would be filed.

Local officials as well as international Jewish groups also reacted to the incidents.

“We condemn these despicable acts and stand in solidarity with the Jewish Community of Switzerland,” wrote the European Jewish Congress on Twitter.