Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastikas Unearthed in Arkansas City Park

Members of the El Dorado Parks and Playground Commission released a status report on park projects. In the report it concluded that antisemitic graffiti was discovered at Mellor Park.

Park manager, Michael Lewis said offensive messages that were aimed at Jewish people had been spray-painted and marked on picnic tables, columns and the concrete padding in the pavilion last month.

City crews scrubbed the concrete, matched paint to cover the columns and repainted the picnic tables Wildcat Purple.

The work took place in mid-January when Commissioner Karen Hicks said a visitor to Mellor Park notified her about the graffiti and she contacted Lewis.

While following up on the work Monday, Hicks discovered missed antisemitic words, some misspelled, atop a slide in the park.

Lewis returned to Mellor Park with more scrub brushes and paint to tend to the matter, saying city crews missed the graffiti that was on the top surface of the playground equipment when they removed the derogatory messages from the pavilion last month.

The pavilion and slide are on opposite ends of the park. They both sit on the east side of Mellor Park, with the pavilion on the north end and the slide on end.

EPPC members said such behavior is not tolerated in public parks, noting that the goal of the long-running master improvement plan — which began in the fall of 2018 when commissioners toured and assessed of several city parks — is to make city parks safe and inviting for families with children.

Source: https://www.eldoradonews.com/news/2023/feb/07/anti-semitic-graffiti-removed-from-mellor-park/