Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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“Squad” Member Continues Antisemitic Rants on Social Media

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is at it again in her jihad against the State of Israel. The Minnesota Democrat has a history of anti-Israeli rants, some of which veer into antisemitism. She proudly peddled fake news about Israeli forces striking a hospital in Gaza during the outset of the Israel-Hamas war. She is unapologetic about the ‘from the river to the sea’ chant, which is a call for Jewish genocide. And now, she’s calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “genocidal maniac.” Tlaib made these remarks in a House speech condemning an aid package to Israel (via Mediaite): 

“Here we go again, sending $17.6 billion. U.S. tax dollars. With no conditions attached to Netanyahu’s extremist government to drop more bombs on innocent Palestinians. The Israeli government has already killed 27,000 people, 11,500 them were children,” said an animated Tlaib. Israel has claimed that many of those killed in the ongoing conflict were Hamas fighters. 

Well, then why are we sending him billions of dollars with no conditions? He literally is telling us over and over again what his intention is. I’m tired of my colleagues coming in whispering to me, Rashida, I support two-state solution. Great. Then send money that conditions for a two state solution. Because Netanyahu has over and over again told us he never wants to see a Palestinian state. 

So I’m tired. I oppose Netanyahu’s war crimes and want him gone too. But many of my colleagues that continue to tell me that do not want to condition to aid, they give it to a genocidal maniac. My message to those calling my colleagues is simple. If you don’t support Netanyahu, if you’re disgusted by the countless videos of lifeless children pulled out of the rubble. If you actually believe in upholding human rights and international law, vote no on a blank check to Netanyahu’s genocide.”

Israel has launched a justified war of self-defense against Hamas in the Gaza Strip after the terror group launched a genocidal terrorist attack against the Jewish state on October 7, 2023. At least 1,200 Israeli men, women, and children were murdered, raped, and tortured by these terrorist animals. They invaded Gaza proper in late October 2023. They’ve been there since, mopping up terrorists and establishing a buffer zone, which is pretty much a one-kilometer-wide no man’s land between Gaza and the Israeli border. Israel intends to remain in the strip to handle its security responsibilities, though it has stated it doesn’t want to govern the region. 

I would say that Tlaib should be censured, but after House Republicans botched the Mayorkas impeachment, maybe they should let her slide and rant like a lunatic.