Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Purdue Hillel Vandalized in Antisemitic Hate Crime

An object was thrown through a pane-glass window at Purdue Hillel early Sunday morning, a report filed with PUPD the same day alleges.

Melissa Frey, the Executive Director of Hillel, said that members of Hillel believe that it was a brick that was thrown through the window.

However, Capt. Song Kang of PUPD said the exact object used to break the window is unknown, but a beer bottle was found shattered on the floor of Hillel, surrounded by broken glass from the window.

The Jewish community at Purdue still feels unsafe following the incident.

“The vandalization of our building is unprecedented, and has left our community concerned and with many questions,” Frey said in an email to members of Hillel. “For our students, Purdue Hillel is a safe, welcoming, and affirming space. It should remain that way always. It is heartbreaking that beyond our windows, our sense of calm has been broken.”

Kang said PUPD has no leads on a potential suspect, however detectives are working with Hillel to retrieve and review security camera footage.

“Purdue Hillel will remain open and the Purdue Hillel staff are here to support our students,” Frey said.

Source: https://www.purdueexponent.org/campus/article_319f1e14-a711-11ed-be8b-672889feead7.html