Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi-Related Vandalism Defaces New York College Campus

Someone drew swastikas and other antisemitic messages on walls at the University of Rochester last week, the university disclosed Wednesday.

The symbols and language were written on the walls of the tunnel system connecting many buildings on the River Campus, a space that has long served as an informal student bulletin board.

They were immediately removed once discovered, UR said.

“The use of antisemitic symbols and language and other forms of hate will not be tolerated under any circumstances on University property,” UR said in a statement. “The goal of such vandalism is to intimidate other members of our community and to prevent them from feeling as if they can fully participate in the life of campus. As a community, we cannot allow that to happen.”

UR in October faced criticism for an insufficient response to antisemitism. In her initial statement on the Hamas attack in Israel, UR President Sarah Mangelsdorf neglected to term it an act of terrorism, an oversight for which she later apologized.

We welcome difficult discussions and debates about challenging topics on campus, but with the expectation that we will engage in such discussions with respect for one another and the viewpoints and experiences that each of us brings,” UR said in its statement about the graffiti. “Hate speech and other harmful actions have no home at the University of Rochester.”