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Nazi Symbol Discovered in Pennsylvania Park

A swastika was found in P. Joseph Raab Park over the weekend. York County Parks said that it will be removed on Tuesday.

On Saturday, a picture of the symbol painted in green paint on a rock surrounded by a woodsy backdrop was posted to social media.

It’s hard to see the symbol entering the park from the main trail. It is about 1,000 feet from the main entrance parking area. It faces visitors on their return about 20 feet off the trail on a solitary rock.

Otherwise known for the quiet beauty of a rugged, undeveloped park in North Codorus Township, P. Joseph Raab Park tells a story of early iron mining in York County.

According to a Pennsylvania historical marker at the entrance to the park. it is the “site of the last visible remains of an industry that had a major impact on SW York County.”

The mine opened in 1854 and was purchased by the York Iron Company. At the industry’s peak, there were 15 mines at the location. Rising prices and cheaper ore elsewhere shut the mines by 1888, the sign goes on to say.

You can hike back into the park and find evidence of the mining operation including gated openings of mines. There is a map posted in the parking area to show you the location of the mine artifacts.

According to Teddy Fisher, assistant director for York County Parks, the Nazi symbol is expected to be removed Tuesday using a product that removes paint. It was scheduled to be removed on Monday after it was brought to their attention, he said, but there was an communication issue about the location.