Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Illegal Palestinian Migrant Attacks Jewish Homeowner over Israeli Flag

Bechir Lehbeib, a Palestinian migrant, has been charged with hate crime offenses following a confrontation over a pro-Israel flag in Hewlett, Long Island. The incident, captured on camera, escalated into a scuffle, leading to Lehbeib’s arrest and charges of assault, robbery, and criminal mischief.

A 26-year-old self-described Palestinian migrant, Bechir Lehbeib, is now facing hate crime charges following an incident in Hewlett, Long Island. The Nassau County Police Department reported that Lehbeib pilfered a pro-Israel flag from a private porch, which bore the clear message: “In This Home We Stand with Israel”.

Caught on Camera

The entire episode was caught by a Ring camera installed at the homeowner’s property. The footage shows that the homeowner tried to retrieve the flag, leading to a physical altercation. Lehbeib managed to regain control of the flag, trampled on it, and then voiced anti-Israel sentiments. He openly proclaimed his Palestinian identity and accused Jews of killing Palestinians.

Arrest and Charges

Upon his arrest, Lehbeib reportedly expressed hatred for Israeli Jews to the police officers and stated that the sight of the Israeli flag was a provocation for him. The charges against Lehbeib include second-degree assault, robbery, and criminal mischief. After being arraigned in Nassau District Court, Lehbeib was detained on a bond of $50,000.

Investigation Underway

Lehbeib entered the U.S. from Mexico in November and his presence in Hewlett, along with his intentions, are currently under investigation. He has two known addresses, one in Queens and another at a Ramada hotel on Staten Island, which is being used as a shelter. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and District Attorney Anne Donnelly made the announcement regarding the charges. Blakeman took the opportunity to comment on the broader issue of border security and the potential threat posed by terrorists and organized criminals entering the U.S.