Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Two Florida Teens Arrested for Vandalizing Rabbi’s Home and Car

Sheriff Carmine Marceno announced the arrest of two teens, 17-year-old Tucker Bachman and 14-year-old Case Leckbee for crimes relating to antisemitism at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office headquarters Friday.

They are both facing a felony criminal mischief charge after the home of a local rabbi, located at Rodas Drive and Bonita Bill Street, was vandalized on January 31, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The teens are accused of spray painting the word “Jew’s” on the driveway of the home, shattering the windshield of a car, and damaging the rabbi’s mailbox.

This behavior sickens me but I’m thankful for my hard-working detectives who quickly identified, located, and arrested those responsible,” Sheriff Marceno said.

The victim, identified as Rabbi Greenberg of the Chabad of Bonita Springs, spoke at a press conference in the aftermath of the crime.