Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika and White-Supremacist Graffiti Discovered in Wisconsin Community

Law enforcement officials in Adams County, Wisconsin, are asking the community for their help to find vandals who littered the streets with antisemitic graffiti.

Street signs and roadways were spray painted near the Grand Marsh area, including antisemitic symbols. 

The Sheriff’s Department found it in the Town of Lincoln, and now they’re looking for who did it. 

“Even though this could be just a simple act of vandalism or something like that, obviously, we still take it seriously — hopefully, if somebody saw something, they can share that information with us, and we can identify the suspects and investigate it properly,” said Sheriff Brent York. 

An area rabbi said he believes this was an act of hate. 

“It’s a mixture of emotions when I see something that is such an obvious expression of hatred in a public place like this; it’s truly upsetting and dumbfounding,” said Rabbi Benjamin Altshuler. 

Rabbi Altshuler said despite that; he hopes incidents like this can be used to raise awareness. 

“Use this as an opportunity to stand and pronounce that we’re aiming to create a welcoming community, that we are open to difference, that we affirm and recognize that diversity makes our community stronger,” he said. 

And even stop fear in the face of hate. 

“I think if we do that outwardly and in a proud way, it shows that we’re not afraid,” said Altshuler. 

Source: https://www.waow.com/news/top-stories/vandals-paint-anti-semitic-symbols-in-adams-county/article_26967898-a43f-11ed-befa-cf78551e030f.html