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New Yorker Magazine Crossword Puzzle Erases Israel

The New Yorker magazine’s online crossword puzzle on Wednesday described the Middle East’s Negev Desert as covering “part of Palestine,” issuing a correction to its original clue but still making no mention of Israel.

The puzzle originally provided a clue for 10-Down that said, “Desert that covers more than half of Palestine.” On Thursday, that description drew criticism from the pro-Israel media watchdog group Honest Reporting, which said that “the Negev is located within Israel’s borders.”

By Friday, the magazine had changed the clue to define the Negev as a desert that covers “part of Palestine,” although still did not mention Israel.

The desert region stretches from Eilat in the south to the Sinai Peninsula in the west and the Jordan Valley in the east, and in the north to Israel’s coastal plain and the West Bank.

The New Yorker also noted in a correction stating that “a previous version of this crossword contained an error in 10-Down.”