Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Man Verbally and Physically Attacked in New York

An angry hater grabbed the yarmulke off the head of a Jewish man and threw it in the street in an antisemitic attack in the Upper West Side, according to police and disturbing video. 

The twisted tirade unfolded at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 28 on the corner of Broadway and West 86th Street, when Kevin Dunlop, 28, called David Kent, 42, a “fake Jew” and a “f-ggot” before ripping the kippah from his head, police said. 

22-second video later posted on Kent’s X profile shows Dunlop briskly walking away as Kent follows him, bravely filming and yelling, “Hey, can I have my yarmulke back? Can I have my yarmulke back? Why’d you take my yarmulke?”

“I asked you to stop following me, right?” Dunlop says as he turns around to face Kent, holding the crumpled blue yarmulke in his hand.

The video has garnered 206,000 views on X. 

Dunlop – who had a gravity knife on a keychain when cops caught up with him – was arrested and charged with criminal mischief involving a hate crime, as well as criminal possession of a weapon.

Kent could not be reached for comment.

Another Upper West Sider, who goes by Handoneh Bizamat on Facebook, told The Post they were also the subject of potentially antisemitic behavior on the UWS recently. “A Muslim woman decided to kick me as I was about to get off the crosstown M86 on Central Park West. Nobody said a word,” they claimed.

“She stayed on the bus and it pulled away. I looked around and nobody cared, so I figured there’s nothing productive that I could do but just walk away feeling very uneasy at being kicked and more importantly that absolutely nobody cared to see if I was ok or to say anything to her for doing it,” Bizamat said.