Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Organizations Consider Increasing Security Following Antisemitic Rallies

Rabbi Sholom Dubov says the rallies in Orlando last weekend are evidence antisemitic
is on the rise.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own beliefs but certain things cross the line,” said Rabbi Sholom Dubov of the Chabad of Greater Orlando.

Last weekend’s rallies and the recent attacks on synagogues around the country have heightened concerns over security, Dubov said.

“We are talking about getting another grant from Homeland Security to put up more cameras and install bulletproof windows in the front of the property. It’s unfortunate we live in a time when this is necessary,” Dubov said.

Investigators said the Orlando rallies were organized by a neo-Nazi group and demonstrators shouted antisemitic slurs while holding signs with swastikas.

One passerby got into a fight with the group and Orange County Sheriff John Mina said charges are pending against three of the protesters.

Liora Rez, the executive director of StopAntisemitism, a national antisemitic watchdog group, said the filing of criminal charges is a breakthrough.

“You guys are the first in the country to start doing this, so kudos to Florida. Enough is enough with this garbage,” Rez said.

Rez said Jews in America are on edge as the pandemic has brought an increase in antisemitic.

“Whenever society is in a lull or a negative place, people at least need villains and with groups like this and other neo-Nazi white supremacist organizations — they like to blame things on minorities, specifically the Jewish people,” Rez said.

Dubov said we should all rally against the hate to support the Jewish community.

“Darkness can only exist if we don’t create light. It’s our responsibility to get out there and create light and that diminishes the darkness,” Dubov said.

WESH 2 News also got word from State Senator Randolph Bracy’s office that he would be spearheading an effort to get more funding for safety for the Jewish community.