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Australian WW1 Statue Vandalized with Nazi Symbol

Victorian RSL has blasted vandals who vandalized a statue of a World War I soldier with a swastika.

The memorial was located outside the Rosebud branch in the Mornington Peninsula but has since been moved.

“What you did was callous, gutless and I don’t know how you sleep,” general manager George Csifo said.

The statue was carved by a chainsaw out of a tree stump on the sub-branch’s nature strip in August to honor those who served in World War I.

It cost $10,000 of hard-fought grant money and was meant to be a public display of gratitude.

“I went to the committee and they agreed that we relocate him to a safer spot where people can enjoy him without having to worry about him being vandalized again,” Csifo said.

President Bruce Turner watches over the statue everyday and found the swastika the morning after Remembrance Day.

“The mentality of some individuals leaves a lot to be desired,” Turner said.

Vandalized memorials have been in the spotlight across Melbourne in the past fortnight after St Kilda’s Captain Cook was lopped at the ankles.