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John Cusack Fires Back After Branded ‘Antisemite of the Week’

Actor John Cusack fired back after the non-profit watchdog group StopAntisemitism branded him the “Antisemite of the Week” in an X post on Sunday.

“Wow – a list full of lies,” the “Say Anything” star replied on the thread.

StopAntisemitism’s post contained a picture of Cusack accompanied by the “Antisemite of the Week” label.

In the caption, the group accused him of denying mass rapes that occurred on Oct. 7, labeling Hamas as a “charitable organization” and claiming the Israeli government funded Hamas.

The post went on to tag Cusack’s talent agency asking why they are “repping this bigot,” and concluded with a link to archives and posts from the actor.

In a separate reply, Cusack accused the organization, along with the International Legal Forum, of “weaponizing racism against peace activists.”

“Slandering smearing people – I want to know if people who follow them know – and if they know do they condone this vile behavior ?” he continued.

Replying to another X user who defended him as not being antisemitic, Cusack labeled his critics’ accusations a “smear to distract.”

He has also retweeted posts espousing pro-Palestinian but not pro-Hamas views.

A representative for Cusack and the APA agency did not immediately reply to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

In another recent X post, the actor also had terse words for anyone not calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, accusing them of having “no soul.”

“My god – my god – if you don’t call for a cease fire – You have no soul – We can’t stop until this stops – it’s the most shameful thing I can imagine – staying silent in the face of this,” he wrote  last Thursday, responding to a video from a pro-Palestinian account that reportedly included footage of a bloody Palestinian girl.

The video from the original post has since been removed, but the caption, which read, “Is this the kind of world you wish for your children to experience as they grow up? If your answer is no, then demand a #CeasefireNOW for the sake of all humanity #PeaceforAll” remains.

Cusack has been outspoken about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas that began last October when Hamas terrorists launched unprecedented attacks on Israeli residential areas, killing 1,200 and taking hundreds of hostages.

Israel’s military campaign in Gaza since then has drawn strong criticism from the Jewish state’s detractors.

“Words fail – the barbarity of the western response is unmatched In depravity / imagine Oct 7 th going on for 115 days ?” Cusack wrote in a separate post on Thursday.

StopAntisemitism, weighing in on Cusack again, later provided the following statement to Fox News Digital:

“StopAntisemitism unequivocally stands by its decision to spotlight Mr. Cusack as its ‘Antisemite of the Week.’ From sharing X posts denying the mass rapes of 10/7 to claiming Musk is in the pocket of Zionists, it seems like Cusack hasn’t learned a thing from his 2019 apology after he shared a comic that featured these dangerous tropes about ‘Jewish control’ and money.

“We invite the public to explore all of his commentary which has been archived on our website and firmly believe it’s time Hollywood considers the harmful impact of these statements. Antisemitism is spreading like stage 4 cancer and those with large platforms have the duty to not make it worse.”