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Queens Woman Running for Office Under Fire for Antisemitic Tweet, Says Linda Sarsour Comforts Her

Moumita Ahmed, a Bernie Sanders staffer and avowed member of the Democratic Socialists of America, this week called the annual trip that New York City Council members take to Israel propaganda, and declared her support for the antisemitic BDS movement as freedom of speech.

Ahmed, Candidate for City Council for District 24 covering the heavily populated Jewish neighborhoods of Kew Garden Hills, Jamaica Estates, Pomonok, Hilcrest and Fresh Meadows, who has tweeted antisemitic propoganda says she finds inspiration from activist Linda Sarsour.

What was less known, was that these are not new views, but part of a concerted effort of Moumita Ahmed, the Democratic Socialists of American and their antisemitic influencers to impose their will on elected officials and seize control of legislative bodies like the New York City Council.

In a 2017 interview on the blog “Medium” Moumita declared that she derived her inspiration from antisemite Linda Sarsour.  During the interview which is entitled “No Time For Cowards” Moumita declared she needed to “channel her inner Palestinian” and to “fight back.” She said:

  • Moumita: “Linda Sarsour, head of the Arab American Association, said something amazing to me when I was talking with her about all this. She said, “Channel your inner Palestinian.” And that’s how I feel. We need to remember that we’ve been through worse, and we need to be resilient. We need to fight back — we can’t just wait and see. The Democrats need to listen to the people who are fighting — and that’s us, the Left wing of the Democratic Party. It’s that simple.”

This declaration came after Moumita tweeted what has become an all too familiar antisemitic trope of Israel killing Palestinian babies where she declared how her heart bleads for Palestinian “victims” of Israel’s violence. 

Recent polls have shown that she is beginning to gain some momentum on the leader in the race, and long-time representative and friend of the Jewish Community and Israel – Council Member Jim Gennaro.  This is a special election for City Council, so anyone, including Republicans, can vote, and it is also the first time NYC is using “ranked choice voting”.

Early voting will take place on Sunday from 10AM-3PM at Queens College in the Student Union Building. For those who live in Briarwood and Forest Hills, the early voting site is Queens Borough Hall. You can confirm your early voting site and your regular Election Day voting site by clicking here. Regular voting is Tuesday, February 2nd.