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Antisemitic ‘GDL’ Flyers Litter Rochester Neighborhood

Plastic baggies containing candy canes and antisemitic flyers were left at the end of several driveways in a New York neighborhood Sunday, officials with the Town of Irondequoit confirmed. These flyers are being distributed nationally by white supremacist, Jon Minadeo II and his group, the Goyim Defense League (GDL).

The NGO StopAntisemitism has featured Minadeo as a previous Antisemite of the Week’ due to his ongoing harassment campaign against the Jewish people.

The radical flyers inside the clear sandwich bags blame prominent Jewish individuals for a variety of perceived social issues. These include ‘eliminating religion, replacing it with science and materialism,’ ‘controlling the education system to spread deception,’ encouraging gun control, and more.

The Irondequoit Police Department (IPD) has been in contact with the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester (JFGR), and is is currently investigating the incident, JFGR Director of Community Security Mark Henderson said. Officers went through the area early Sunday morning, cleaning up the flyers.

The flyers depict photographs of prominent Jewish people, with a Star of David photoshopped on the image, and a description of the individual’s alleged moral wrongdoing. In one flyer on gun control, the photoshopped Star of David appeared on each individual’s forehead, acting as a target.

At the bottom of each handout, readers are encouraged to learn more at the organization’s website, a YouTube-esque platform with countless hours of virulently antisemitic videos, songs, blogger content, and livestreams.

“This is an unfortunate incident that the Town as well as our Police Department takes very seriously,” Irondequoit Town Supervisor Rory Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “This is very disturbing. Irondequoit is proud of the diverse makeup of our Town. We welcome people from all walks of life and value their voices.”

Source: https://www.rochesterfirst.com/irondequoit/plastic-baggies-with-antisemitic-flyers-distributed-in-irondequoit/