Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Connecticut City Council Meeting Disrupted by Antisemitic Callers

A series of antisemitic comments directed at Norwalk Common Council members has drawn police and FBI investigations.

Council members received antisemitic postcards in the mail within 10 days of having a Zoom meeting interrupted by similar comments earlier this month.

Minutes from the Ordinance Committee’s Jan. 16 meeting show five commenters were muted and removed before the public hearing was closed. Police were notified about the incident.

Councilor Lisa Shanahan said the postcards, which were postmarked from California, had similar discriminatory messaging and were seized by police.

“It gives us some comfort that this isn’t locally-based,” said Shanahan.

Norwalk’s delegation of state officials called the postcards “a blatant display of hatred and prejudice” and “unity is the antidote to the poison of discrimination.”

Police have said criminal charges are possible.

The council is adjusting its security options for future Zoom meetings.

“We’re going to have some new procedures that make it easier to identify people ahead of time…if they’re just coming in and speaking as an attendee, we’ll have more control over their mute button,” said Shanahan.