Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Bi-Partisan Bill Fighting Antisemitism and Hate Signed Into Law

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill on Friday that allocates $375 million over five years to synagogues and other houses of worship, as well as additional other nonprofits, to help protect themselves against terror attacks.

The Securing American Nonprofit Organizations Against Terrorism Act will allocate $75 million annually under the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP).

Trump called it an “incredible piece of legislation.”

“It took a long time to get it here, but this is something that is very, very special and great for you as mayors,” he told those in the Oval Office for the signing of the bill. Attendees included Jewish Federations of North America president and CEO Eric Fingerhut and American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad) executive vice president Rabbi Levi Shemtov.

Source: https://www.jns.org/trump-signs-bill-to-help-boost-synagogues-other-nonprofits-against-potential-attacks/