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Synagogue in Canada Vandalized on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

A synagogue in Fredericton was damaged sometime Friday night or early Saturday, with glass at the front of the structure broken by an unknown person or persons.

The vice-president of the Sgoolai Israel Synagogue in Fredericton says damage done to the building was “planned” to coincide with International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Ayten Kranat said Fredericton’s Jewish community is “absolutely shocked” by the attack on the synagogue, which was discovered when a member drove past early on Saturday and saw the damage.

Glass from panels beside the front doors lay outside and inside the synagogue, on Westmorland Street in the city’s downtown. Five small glass panes built into the front doors were also smashed. “Planned. It was planned, definitely,” Kranat said. “Today is the Holocaust remembrance day, and also our Shabbat service on Saturday morning, so people go to the synagogue for services.”

On Saturday afternoon, Fredericton police issued a statement. “At present, we are actively investigating to determine whether the damage resulted from targeted hostility or other circumstances. The investigation remains ongoing, and the Fredericton Police Force is actively pursuing all leads and information related to this incident,” the statement read.