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NYC Public School Teachers Teach 3rd Graders Song to Eradicate Israel

A pair of Brooklyn public school teachers are plying kids as young as eight with anti-Israel propaganda, drawing lessons from a company that offers material twisting the classic “Wheels on the Bus” song into a hateful screed that cheers the eradication of the Jewish state, The Post has learned.

In Giuseppe Rebaudengo and Anna Battaglia’s third-grade classrooms at PS 705 in Prospect Heights, young minds are being molded into “social justice warriors,” learning from materials that morph the beloved 1939 kiddie tune into a Palestinian resistance cry called “The Wheels on the Tank.”

“The wheels on the tanks go round and round, all through the town. The people in the town they hold their ground, and never back down,” the sick new rhyme goes, illustrated with Palestinian kids hurling rocks at Israeli tanks.

“The bombs in the air go whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, all through the skies. From every river to every sea the people cry, cry, cry. Free Palestine till the wheels on the tanks fall off.”

The warped “Wheels on the Bus” was written by Woke Kindergarten founder Akiea Gross, though it is not clear exactly which materials the Brooklyn teachers pulled from Gross’ site or whether they included this rhyme.

“Thank you to @WokeKindergarten for your resources and voice on this matter,” Rebaudengo wrote in a social media post. “Your work has supported us in creating these series of lessons.”

The ultra-left wing website Woke Kindergarten includes lessons that demeans Israel as a “made up place” that has “settlers called Zionists who are harming and killing the Palestinian people.”

Drawings of watermelons — used as a symbol of resistance by anti-Israel activists — line the hallways at PS 705, according to NYC Public Schools Alliance, which fights bias in schools.

Critics ripped the lessons as nothing more than hateful indoctrination.

“I want teachers to have leeway but we should also embed teaching with fact, not propaganda,” said Tova Plaut, founder of the NYC Public Schools Alliance, which fights bias in schools.

“When we embed this bias inside young children, removing it is nearly impossible,” she added. And there is little supervision or vetting of the materials that are coming into classrooms, Plaut said.