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Horrific Assault on Jewish Family Vacationing in Argentina, Attackers Yell “Death to Jews”

The family of Orthodox Jews from Buenos Aires were driving through the mountain range from La Falda to La Cumbre last Wednesday when another car pulled up in front of them. The occupants, a non-Jewish family who were also on vacation, began screaming antisemitic abuse at the Jewish family.

When the driver of the Jewish family’s car got out of his vehicle in an apparent attempt to resolve the situation, he was greeted by a volley of insults that included, “You shitty Jews, get out of here!”

The Jewish man was then set upon by the occupants of the other car and subjected to what DAIA described as a “brutal beating.” The children of the assailants reportedly joined in with the assault.

After arriving in La Cumbre, the family first visited the municipal hospital for medical treatment and then the local police station to file a complaint.

According to the DAIA statement, the officers at the police station refused to give the Jewish man a copy of his complaint, telling him that it would be “archived” instead.

On Monday, however, authorities in Cordoba announced that they had arrested two of the assailants.

“The Ministry of Security reports that the Cordoba Police proceeded, by order of the prosecutor Paula Kelm, to arrest the individuals accused of being responsible for the attacks on the family who were vacationing in Cordoba and who were attacked because they are Jewish,” the Cordoba Provincial Government confirmed on Twitter.