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Antisemitic Messaging ‘YE is Right’ Graffitied Across University of Alabama

Multiple antisemitic messages were discovered across the University of Alabama campus Thursday morning, according to a statement from the university. The statements, which were written in chalk at different locations on campus, were found just a day before International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“The University was notified this morning about anonymous chalkings with concerning language targeting our Jewish community,” the university said in a statement Thursday afternoon. “We condemn these chalkings, which violate our Capstone Creed, our campus culture and our core values. Our expectation is that everyone be treated with civility and respect.”

“#YEisRight Friday 1/27” was the statement many students saw on sidewalks. Some also included a signature of “America First.” The campus newspaper, The Crimson White, reported nearly two dozen chalkings were found around campus.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is a famous rapper who has shared multiple antisemitic stances in recent months including a denial of the Holocaust.

Pictures were shared on Twitter by NGO StopAntisemitism. The group called on the university to investigate.

“We are disgusted that a group of white supremacists are trying to infiltrate an American University on Holocaust Remembrance Day,” StopAntisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez said. “We are confident that the University of Alabama will do everything in its legal power to keep their Jewish population safe.”

Chabad at the University of Alabama, self-described as a vibrant Jewish student organization at The University of Alabama, also released a statement Thursday.

“We are horrified by the antisemitism across campus today!” the group posted to social media. “This hate does not represent our campus. Our community stands resolute and determined, and we ask you to stand with us.”

Source: https://abc3340.com/news/local/antisemitic-chalkings-found-across-university-of-alabama-campus-jewish-community-hate-crime-tuscaloosa-stop-anti-semitism-chabad-house-students