Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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University of Central Florida Student Arrested After Threatening to Shoot Jews

On Tuesday, a student was arrested by UCFPD after antisemitic threats made toward other students demonstrating in support of Israel. 

The Students Supporting Israel group held an outdoor demonstration with 1400 flags symbolizing the 1400 people who were killed on October 7, 2023, during the attack on Israel, said Avremi Rapoport, junior Rabbi Chabad at UCF.

“Around 11 a.m., the student approached the table, attempting to argue with the us,” said Alex Rosenblum, freshman political science major. “I told him I was not here to have arguments but to have a peaceful conversation, and if that is what he wanted, I would be down.” 

The student began to make remarks about the group, stating they “supported genocide and kill Palestinians,” said Rosenblum. 

Wednesday afternoon, UCFPD Chief of Police Carl Metzger released an email message to the UCF campus community regarding the arrest. 

“The individual went on to threaten the students, saying he was going to shoot them with a gun. This statement, a direct antisemitic threat, meets the federal definition of a hate crime,” said Metzger in his email.

Although the individual did recognize his actions were wrong and apologized, UCFPD must continue to enforce the university policy and state and federal laws, said Metzger in his email.

According to the email from Metzger, the student will still face repercussions and must answer for their violations.