Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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South Florida Towns Littered with Antisemitic Fliers Over Weekend

Update: additional fliers were found in Annapolis, Maryland and Denver, Colorado; more here and here.

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Antisemitic flyers were distributed overnight in Miami Beach and Surfside, according to Miami Beach and Surfside police. Both have increased patrols due to the incident.

The Miami Beach police department said the flyers, which were placed inside plastic bags, filled with small pebbles and thrown in residential areas, were found at hundreds of homes.

The Town of Surfside sent out a community alert regarding the incident, saying that detectives were working with local and federal partners to figure out the origin of the flyers.

If you found a flyer or have video of who may have left the flyers, you are asked to contact Surfside Police at 305-861-4862 or Miami Beach Police at 305-673-7901.