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Orthodox Jewish Woman Attacked Outside Subway in Crown Heights

Shomrim safety patrol issued a community safety alert for Crown Heights after two incidents of physical harassment in the area of Eastern Parkway and Schenectady subway station.

The second incident took place on Thursday night when a young Orthodox Jewish woman was walking near the station. Suddenly, she was grabbed from the back by a black male, who then pushed her.

Although shaken, thankfully, the victim was unhurt and was able to continue going.

Crown Heights Shomrim were immediately summoned and followed the attacker, but when the NYPD arrived, no arrest was made.

In the past number of weeks, the number of attacks on visibly Jewish individuals in Crown Heights has been rising to alarming highs. These include a shocking hit-and-run in which a Crown Heights resident was run over and an assault where two young boys were attacked. In all of these cases, arrests have yet to be made.

Source: https://anash.org/lubavitcher-woman-attacked-in-crown-heights/