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Harvard Students Deface Hostage Posters Around Campus

Jewish students who returned anxiously to Harvard for the spring semester last night were met with yet more vile antisemitism plastered all over posters of Hamas hostages. 

The posters were vandalized with vile remarks, comparing some of the victims to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and blaming ‘Israel‘ for 9/11

In one sick jibe, thugs wrote ‘evidence, head still one’ on a photo of ten-month-old Kfir Bibas, the youngest hostage taken, who remains separated from his family more than 100 days later. 

The slur is in reference to the disputed claims that Hamas beheaded babies during the October 7 massacre.  

Harvard is yet to comment on the posters. 

Student Shabbos Kestenbaum – who is suing the school for a tuition refund – said it’s further proof that Jewish students are not safe at the school. 

‘The night before Harvard begins a new semester, every single Jewish hostage poster on campus has been defaced with vile antisemitism.

‘Jews are neither safe nor welcomed at Harvard.’ 

He previously told DailyMail.com how his parents had begged him not to return to the campus. 

‘There’s a tremendous amount of tension, nerves, anxiety… I am home just now for the break and my parents don’t want me to go back to campus. 

‘They’re afraid for my physical safety… I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if there are physical attacks on Jewish students when we go back.

‘We have no reason to believe the spring semester will be any better, and actually a lot of reason to believe that there will be increased and intensified acts of antisemitism given the accelerated antisemitic posts on social media,’ he said on January 13. 

Tensions had bubbled on campus in December, after Claudine Gay’s  disastrous testimony before Congress.

When she stepped down, classes were out for the winter break. 

How the school’s new president, Alan Garber, will respond to the issue remains to be seen.