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U.S. State Department Cuts Links With Islamic Charity Over Antisemitism Charges

Naser Haghamed, CEO at Islamic Relief Worldwide

The US State Department severed all links with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) charity over antisemitism charges against the entity, the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday.

The report cited a deputy antisemitism envoy as saying that the State Department is “conducting a full review of the organization and US government funding” due to suspected antisemitic views held by some of the IRW higher-ups.

On Tuesday, the charity was also denied Dutch government funds as Sigrid Kaag, the country’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation, vowed to block any further payments to the IRW.

The Dutch authorities cited reports on the entity’s suspected links with the Muslim Brotherhood as the reason for the move

Germany had earlier cut its own ties with the group’s local outlet and the United Arab Emirates did so as well. Israel banned the group in 2014 over its suspected ties with terrorist groups.

Previously, Russian authorities had accused the group of fostering terrorism in Chechnya, and Bangladesh booted it out of the Rohingya minority refugee camps to prevent possible radicalization.

In mid-2020, Heshmat Khalifa, at the time the group’s chief, resigned after reports that he posted antisemitic content online, including a reference to Jews as “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs.”

According to a journalistic investigation by the Times, he also lavished praise on the Hamas terrorist group.

Source: https://www.algemeiner.com/2021/01/20/us-state-department-cuts-links-with-islamic-charity-over-antisemitism-charges/