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Kanye West Set to Apologize for Antisemitism in 40 Minute Video – Report

Kanye West is set to apologize for his antisemitic rant in a 40-minute long video which will be released ahead of the launch of his new album “Vultures” on February 7, TMZ reported.

According to the source, West was incoherent throughout the video. 

According to Yahoo, the fact that the launch of the video coincides with that of the album suggests the video is more of a publicity stunt or an image rebranding rather than an actual expression of remorse at his past actions. 

Earlier this December, the rapper issued an apology in dubious Hebrew regarding his past statements. 

Over the years, the rapper has become notorious for his antisemitic remarks.  

In 2022, a watchdog group named StopAntisemitism labeled West “antisemite of the year.” This came following the star’s posts on X in which he said he wished to go “death con 3” on Jews, among others. Throughout this time, in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, he also lauded Adolf Hitler and denied the Holocaust.

Following his remarks, many of his sponsors decided to disassociate themselves from the rapper, ending their contracts with him

In June, 2023, a documentary entitled “The Trouble with KanYe” aired on the BBC shed light on Kanye’s rabid antisemitic remarks during his 2024 presidential campaign. 

In December 15, 2023, West was filmed ranting about Jews at a Las Vegas event, stating that the Zionists and the Rothschilds control schools and hospitals.