Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Connecticut Town’s Municipality Meeting Derailed by Antisemitic Comments

A virtual Zoom meeting held by the municipality of Norwalk, Connecticut was interrupted by several unknown individuals who made antisemitic comments, Norwalk Common Council officials announced on Wednesday.

“I unequivocally condemn these ignorant, racist individuals for their antisemitic, racist statements made during last night’s Ordinance Committee meeting,” said the city’s mayor, Harry Rilling. “These individuals are bigots, and such statements are incredibly gross, obscene and hateful and demonstrate the exact opposite of what the City of Norwalk stands for.

“We are a community that values diversity among race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality and more. Our Norwalk Police Department Detective Bureau has initiated an investigation into the comments made last night.” He also stated that the city is developing new protocols by its IT and Law Departments to prevent further incidences.

The police department of the city additionally began investigating into the antisemitic statements that were made, with criminal charges possibly being filed to the suspects if they were motivated by hate or bias.

“While it brings us some comfort that these individuals were likely not Norwalkers, unfortunately, we are seeing a national trend among this type of vitriol,” said Norwalk Common Council President Darlene Young.

The suspects who spread the antisemitic comments did so on six different occasions, local news source, The Hour, reported. Common Council member Lisa Shanahan cut short the public comment section of the meeting after the last antisemitic contact.