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Watch Dick Durbin’s Face After Ted Cruz Blasts Him for Calling Him a Bigot

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) eviscerated Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Thursday after Durbin accused Cruz of “prejudicial treatment” and “bigotry” for opposing the nomination of Adeel Mangi, Joe Biden’s judicial nominee for a U.S. Circuit Judge position in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in New Jersey, and hiding behind a statement for the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League while doing so.

“You have just impugned my character by making a false accusation, and I will say it is disgraceful!” Cruz told Durbin on Thursday. “Did you respond to any of the substance of what I said? No! You just attacked me and called me a bigot, and you responded by stating deliberate falsehoods,” Cruz said in a fury of anger. “You said he would be the first Muslim. Well, you know what? I understand,” he continued as Durbin attempted to interrupt him. “Excuse me, I have a right to defend myself when you impugn my character in a way that is a new low for this committee.”

“You did not dispute any of the facts I said about the organization that he was an advisor of, he was a donor of, he raised money for,” Cruz continued, lighting up the room with fireworks. “The Democrats don’t want to defend the substance, so now they’re screaming Islamophobia, and I understand, playing the race card when anyone disagrees with the Democrats, they scream racist.”

Cruz reiterated that his opposition to Mangi’s confirmation is not based on Mangi’s religion but on Mangi’s “extreme” record, including his time on the advisory board of Rutgers Law School’s Center for Security, Race, and Rights (CSRR), during which the group favored Hamas over Israel and held an event in support of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist.

Cruz also cited a letter from the Coalition of Jewish Values, which called on the committee to reject the confirmation, and StopAntisemitism, an organization that is also troubled by Mangi’s ties to CSSR.

“The left-wing Jewish organizations lining up to back Mr. Mangi’s nomination do not represent the consensus of American Jewry, much less its rabbinic leadership,” the Coalition of Jewish Values said in a statement. “Mr. Mangi’s alliance with the Center raises genuine concerns about his judgment and his commitment to American principles. Those concerns have nothing to do with his religious background or faith.”

Despite the evidence, Durbin insisted that Mangi had no connection to CSSR, which sent sparks flying from Cruz.

“Did you just say he had no connection with this organization? Is that seriously what you said in this hearing?” Cruz asked. “He was on the board of advisors; he was a donor and raised money for it, but you said he has no connection with them?”

“See? You twist this situation,” Durbin responded dumbly.

“Mr. Chairman, you just said he has no connection with this organization,” Cruz replied. “Is that your view and the view of Senate Democrats? Is that your view that he had no connection with this organization? Okay, you’re refusing to answer because it’s obviously indefensible and false.”

You have to watch the entire exchange to get a sense of how epic it was.