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Nazi Propaganda Overwhelms Florida Buildings in Latest ‘GDL’ Antisemitic Spree

Neo-nazis have been projecting antisemitic messages and hate symbols on buildings in Florida in recent days, blaming Jews for 9/11 and “wrecking” the U.S.

The white supremacist group ‘Goyim Defense League’ has been projecting antisemitic messages and hate symbols on buildings in Florida in recent days, blaming Jews for 9/11 and “wrecking” the U.S

On January 15, at around 9 p.m. ET, a projection appeared on the AT&T building on Gardenia Street in West Palm Beach, according to local reports. Video footage from the scene shows the words “Jews did 9-11 the FBI helped” scrolling across the building’s face.

A live stream, posted on Twitter by StopAntisemitism, shows three men—two wearing hoods, one wearing a baseball cap and mask—laughing on a nearby sidewalk.

A view of Jacksonville city skyline. The Wells Fargo and CSX buildings have been subject to neo-Nazi projections in recent days. A swastika was also projected on the building. StopAntisemitism attributed the incident to GDL.

GDL founder Jon Minadeo II, who has toured the country performing antisemitic stunts and appears to be the man speaking in the video.

Liora Rez, Executive Director of StopAntisemitism, told Newsweek they had traced the stunts back to Minadeo through one of his posts on the social media platform Gab.

Local police later told news station WPTV that a projector and generator had been used in the incident and that the men were confronted but were not cooperative.

“This is a welcoming—this is a diverse city,” Mike Jachles, a police spokesperson, told WPTV. “But we have no place for that. We don’t welcome them, those types of messages.”

“I don’t think us showing up had anything to do with their timeline,” Jachles told another local news station, WPEC. “They were on public property; whether you endorse the message or not, we have to enforce the law. So we’re looking at what, if any, laws were broken.”

On January 16, Stop Antisemitism posted footage watermarked with the logo of NSF, of another building projection, this time in Jacksonville. On the top of the Wells Fargo building, the words “Jews are wrecking the U.S.A.” scroll across.

“These two antisemites [Minadeo and Nunes] often work closely together, and many have suggested that their relationship was a factor in Minadeo’s recent move from California to Jacksonville,” Rez said.

There is no suggestion that the businesses were aware of or consented to the projections on their buildings. “Companies have no idea it’s happening until after the fact,” Stop Antisemitism tweeted.

Images emerged online of a swastika entwined with a crucifix projected on the side of the CSX building in Jacksonville on January 14.

“These displays typically coincide with trespass, stolen power sources or violation of city ordinances,” John Phillips, a lawyer at Phillips & Hunt, a Jacksonville-based law firm, wrote on Twitter in reference to the projection. “There are also hate speech laws that can be applied. We can’t just do nothing and let it continue.”

CSX condemned the neo-Nazi imagery that had been projected on its building in the strongest possible terms. The company told local news station Action News Jax: “The increased acts of antisemitism in Jacksonville are unacceptable. They are an appalling display of intolerance, which sows hatred and undermines our greatest strength—our diversity.”

Earlier this week, Rory Diamond, a Jacksonville city council member, said he would file a bill to prevent hate symbols from being projected onto private property.

“You don’t have a right to put a bumper sticker on somebody else’s car; you don’t have a right to project an image on somebody else’s building,” he told Jacksonville’s First Coast News. Other members have also reportedly vowed to introduce similar legislation.

The legislation may not come soon enough, though. Rez said that Stop Antisemitism has “also become aware of [the groups’] plans to broaden their efforts to terrorize Floridian residents with their antisemitic campaigns.”

“We have been made aware of a few instances of displaying messages on the side of buildings and other structures, and these cases have been looked into,” Officer Christian Hancock, a spokesperson for Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, told Newsweek.

The West Palm Beach Police Department referred Newsweek to a statement by Mayor Keith James, who condemned the projection as a “heinous and despicable act,” adding: “Demonstrations like this deepen my commitment to ensure that West Palm Beach remains a place where all are welcomed and respected.”

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/florida-antisemitic-messages-swastika-jacksonville-west-palm-beach-1774725