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Daughter of Far Left French MPs Arrested for Antisemitic Social Media Posts

The daughter of two far left French parliamentarians has been arrested in Paris for allegedly posting antisemitic content on social media that amounts to “apologizing for terrorism” and “provocation to commit intentional attacks,” according to the police charge sheet.

22-year-old Inès Corbière was arrested on Tuesday for posts made in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom in southern Israel, in which more than 1,200 people were murdered and over 200 kidnapped amid atrocities that included rape, bodily mutilation and decapitation.

Corbière is the daughter of Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière, two MPs who sit in the French National Assembly on behalf of “La France Insoumise” (LFI — “France Rising”), a far left grouping that has frequently attacked Israel’s military response to the Hamas atrocities.

Corbière is understood to have operated a now suspended account on the X/Twitter platform using the handle “Babynesou.”

One comment on the feed spoke disparagingly of the Israeli hostages being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

“Maybe I don’t have a soul, but they don’t bother me at all, I even find them rather annoying, especially the kids,” the post read.

On the eve of a pro-Hamas march in Paris, another post asked provocatively: “Who’s excited to go and destroy the Zionists there?”

Another post dated Nov. 14 showed a young woman understood to be Corbière arguing with a person who was filming her at a demonstration on a cellphone. “I’m antisemitic, I don’t give a damn!” the woman is heard yelling before telling her interlocutor to “stop filming.”

Antisemitism in France has surged since the Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom, with more than 1,500 incidents recorded between October and November.

A statement issued by LFI two days after the pogrom described the onslaught on Israeli civilians as an “armed offensive by Palestinian forces led by Hamas.” Earlier this month, another LFI MP, David Guiraud, faced widespread criticism when posted a video from the Japanese manga cartoon “One Piece” in which a character known as Doflamingo complains of being silenced in denouncing the crimes of the “Heavenly Dragons,” an ultra wealthy and secretive global elite that serves as a “world government.”

The theme has been eagerly picked up by antisemitic agitators who regard it as a symbol of the world Jewish conspiracy imagined in antisemitic screeds such as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a fabrication of the Russian secret police first published in the early 20th century.