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Antisemitism Watchdog Pans Biden Judicial Nominee

An antisemitism watchdog has raised red flags about President Joe Biden’s nomination of Judge Adeel Mangi for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit over his affiliation to a pro-Palestinian advocacy group and its controversial 9/11 event.

StopAntisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez told the New York Post that Mangi should be “removed from consideration immediately” over his association with the Center for Security, Race and Rights (CSRR) at Rutgers University.

Mangi’s confirmation vote in the Senate for appointment to the 3d District Appeals Court is expected to be held Thursday. If appointed, Mangi would be the first Muslim in U.S. history to serve in the federal appellate courts.

“We are not confident he can impartially execute his judicial duties, and should be removed from consideration immediately,” Rez told the Post. “His association with the Center for Security, Race and Rights (CSRR) raises serious concerns, as does his connection with CSRR’s Executive Director Sahar Aziz and their horrifying commemoration of 9/11 featuring convicted terror supporter Sami al-Arian.”

Mangi said in confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that he didn’t “know anything” about CSRR’s controversial 9/11 event or panelist Al-Arian, a former professor who pleaded guilty in 2006 for aiding the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Al-Arian was sentenced to 57 months in prison, according to the Post.

Mangi said he didn’t know that Hatem Bazian, a professor and founder of Students for Justice in Palestine who has called for Intifada in the U.S., according to the Jerusalem Post, was also a member of the 9/11 panel, which sponsored the event, titled: “Whose Narrative? 20 Years Since 9/11/2001.”

“I don’t know anything about this event or who these people are. I never heard of any of them. If someone on there is a terrorist, I condemn them,” he told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mangi told Senate Republicans on the committee that his role with CSRR was limited to academic advisory.

Mangi resigned from CSRR and left in July.

Andrew Bates, Deputy White House press secretary, issued a statement to Newsmax on Thursday.

“President Biden is deeply proud to have nominated Adeel Abdullah Mangi, an indisputably qualified and experienced attorney who has lived the American dream and is devoted to our Constitution and the rule of law,” Bates said. “These vile, unconscionable smears have been discredited by the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, among many others.

“The Constitution, which every Senator has sworn to uphold – and which Mr. Mangi will uphold as the first Muslim to serve on an appellate court in American history – forbids religious litmus tests. The Senators spreading these hateful and undignified attacks – Senators [Tom] Cotton, [Ted] Cruz, and [Josh] Hawley – should take note of that fact.”